Merus Power provides a wide range of services together with our global partner network. Our service portfolio spans the whole product lifecycle from installation and commissioning to system inspections and revamps. We have a team of qualified service specialists extended by an experienced and competent partner network in place to help you.

Please contact us for inquiries and questions about our services.

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Installation & Commissioning

Buyers of our active harmonic filters will be provided with basic installation and commissioning services as required.  For larger projects, installation supervision and commissioning will be conducted by Merus engineers.

Technical Training

Our partners receive free-of-charge product training and general power quality training. We also provide technical training for larger audiences in special topics and design all training programs to meet the customer’s individual needs. Such topics may include:

  • Merus solutions
  • Power quality challenges
  • Harmonic and reactive power compensation
Power Quality Measurements & Analyses

Together with our partners, we offer our customers power quality measurements worldwide. Our measurement services include:

  • Standard-based power quality measurements
  • Problem-based power quality measurements

Both services include analysis and reporting.

In our standard-based power quality measurement, we investigate if the power quality of your system and that of the supplying grid meet the applicable standard.

Problem-based measurements are needed where power quality is suspected to cause issues for your devices or systems. The measurements are customized on the basis of your problem description.

Technical Support

During the warranty period, technical support and maintenance are available free of charge to customers and partners. We also offer the following options:

  • Case-by-case post-warranty support
  • Case-by-case post-warranty maintenance
  • Annual technical support contract
  • 24/7 support service with a monthly fee
  • Annual maintenance contract
System Inspection, Servicing & Revamp

Our system inspections are designed to establish the condition of your existing SVC or STATCOM system. We then provide a report and recommendations for further actions that may be needed. If required, we can offer servicing or different levels of revamps. Please contact our Technical sales for more information.