November 29, 2016

Merus™ Active Harmonic Filters to ensure reliable operation of a printing press in Northern Ireland

Active harmonic filtering to comply with the limits specified in G5/4

A major UK printing press operated under a number of non-linear loads. One of the loads was a large UPS feeding the press, IT and newsroom offices. A power quality audit revealed voltage harmonic distortions as high as 8%. As the facility was risking a UPS failure, the customer decided to replace the UPS. The supplier, however, could not guarantee future operation of the UPS at such elevated levels of voltage distortion.

To make the distortions comply with the limits specified in G5/4, Merus™ Active Harmonic Filters were installed. Successful compliance led to maximum service life of the UPS and mitigated the risk of nuisance tripping.

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