May 16, 2019

Merus™ HPQ improves power quality and reduces electric bill in Australian shopping mall

Australian shopping mall's power quality improved with Merus™ Hybrid Power Quality (HPQ)

The quality of the electrical supply of an Australian shopping mall had deteriorated over time due to expansions. It had reached a point where power outages were causing revenue losses due to shorter trading hours and inconveniencing the customers. Merus Power's partner Captech was called to conduct a power quality audit to make a formal risk management plan for the site.

To mitigate the problems as efficiently as possible, a Smart Hybrid Solution, designed by Captech and utilizing Merus™ HPQ (Hybrid Power Quality) modules was selected. Merus™ HPQ is a solution combining traditional detuned capacitor steps and a modern A2-Active Harmonic Filter, and providing dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic mitigation.

Learn more about Merus™ Active Harmonic Filter

Learn more about Merus™ HPQ

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