January 12, 2018

Merus™ Active Harmonic Filters restore reliability of a deep sea mining vessel by eliminating harmonic distortion

Limiting voltage harmonics under 5% according to American Bureau of shipping standards

A deep-sea mining vessel in Africa operates with an island grid, having a number of compressors and motors fed by variable speed drives (VSD). American Bureau of shipping standard allows only 5% of voltage harmonics, which were found to be 12% during mining operations at the vessel. Power quality measurements also showed that 3rd and 5th order harmonics were especially high.

Key supplier selection criteria were excellent performance, and fast delivery time. Merus™ M-series Active Harmonic Filters are built of state-of-the-art technology, and provide excellent performance for both even and odd harmonics. Merus Power's Lean manufacturing philosophy allowed manufacturing and shipping in an extremely tight schedule of 3 weeks from order confirmation. Merus™ M500 Active Harmonic Filters were installed to the vessel's main switchboard. The ABS limit for voltage harmonics was met, and the vessel can now operate reliably, while safeguarding the lifetime of the electrical equipment installed at the vessel.

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