January 12, 2018

Improved production economics in textile factory with Merus™ Power Quality

High current and voltage harmonics above limits

One of the largest textile factories in Asia was suffering from poor power quality. The lifetime of their electrical equipment, such as electronic cards and capacitor banks was rapidly decreasing, and the transformers and cables in their factory were overheating excessively. 90% of the factory's loads causing harmonics comprised of 6-pulse variable speed drives (VSD) and other non-linear loads.

Power quality audit revealed high current and voltage harmonics clearly above allowable limits. To secure their operations and the lifetime of their equipment, the factory chose Merus Power as a supplier of active harmonic filters, which were installed after the transformer, parallel to the loads.

Thanks to efficient and robust response of Merus™ Active Harmonic Filters, the factory now runs their operations smoothly, with equipment lifetime restored to normal.

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