November 30, 2018

AHF Success Story – Water Treatment Plant

Total Current & Voltage Harmonic Distortions to meet IEEE 519 in a Water Treatment Plant

“We have successfully complied to the power quality standards by significantly reducing the current as well as voltage harmonics at the plant. Thanks to impressive technology of A2-series active harmonic filters.” – Regional Sales Manager 

Newly designed water treatment plant needed to comply with IEEE 519-1992 limits. The consulting firm responsible for the design evaluated various options to achieve compliance with IEEE 519 harmonic distortion limits. Main considerations were installing a single active harmonic filter for several 6-pulse drives, or using multi-pulse drives or Active Front End (AFE) drives. Passive solution were ruled out due to higher losses and inflexibility to the system changes.

While Active Front End (AFE) or multi-pulse drives such as 18 or 24 pulse drives may help to comply with the IEEE 519 limits, they come with higher costs and lower reliability. On the other hand, a single active harmonic filter for multiple 6-pulse drives not only enables compliance with IEEE 519 harmonic distortion limits but is also a cost competitive and a more reliable solution compared to other alternatives.

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