About Merus Power

Merus Power designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of world leading power quality solutions for dynamic reactive power compensation, active harmonic filtering and power protection. Our solutions portfolio includes active harmonic filters, STATCOMs, SVCs and UPQ energy storage solutions. Our customers benefit from improved power quality which enables energy savings, increased productivity, guaranteed process reliability and grid code compliance.

Our mission

Power quality benefits create winning business for our customers, save energy and protect the environment.

Our Vision

Fast-growing Merus Power is recognized as a preferred provider of power quality solutions and a trusted professional business partner.

Our Values

  • Customer first
  • Easy to deal with
  • Power quality and LEAN excellence
  • Open and trustworthy
  • Employee satisfaction

CEO’s Message

Kari Tuomala

Kari Tuomala
Managing Director

Dear customer, business partner, supplier, consultant, other stakeholder or one of Merus Power’s valuable personnel. I welcome you to Merus Power website and hope that your time here is well spent, giving it the payback it deserves.

Merus Power exists to help customers to save energy, improve productivity and increase process efficiency while enabling high penetration of renewable energy through grid code compliance. Dynamic reactive power compensation and active harmonic filtering are in the DNA of our company – we excel in products such as active harmonic filters, STATCOMS, Static Var Compensators and UPQ energy storage solutions. Our technical capability and professional way of working with power quality play a significant role in our mission, vision and values, aimed at making our customers satisfied and helping them to reach their goals and targets. We are fortunate to be able to set honest, positive environmental objectives into the core of our business. Merus Power is an important player in the fight against climate change and in efforts to improve material and process efficiency.

Unlike large corporations, we are “easy to deal with”. We have the time to listen to our customers and we have the skills to solve their problems with a LEAN and cost-efficient way. Merus Power believes that the best results are achieved in teamwork between committed employees and business partners in an open and trustworthy environment. We welcome you to this power quality community to grow with us and to create winning business with power quality.



The core idea behind Merus solutions is improved power quality and energy efficiency. Merus’s products and solutions have a significant positive environmental impact. Power quality solutions in industrial and commercial applications contribute to CO2 reduction and to both material and process efficiency.  Enabling renewable energy grid connection paves the way for the most sustainable technologies to produce energy for consumers with the lowest system losses.


Already in our R&D phase we stay focused on energy savings and follow these principles in our daily operations. We use the resources – energy, material and human resources – as efficiently and smartly as possible to minimize waste and to optimize the process output in a professional way. We have been certified according to ISO 9001:2015 Management System, and in our daily operations we adhere to the environmentally sound LEAN principles in compliance with the ISO 14000 guidelines.