May 13, 2022

Matti Mattson visited an energy community of Lempäälän Energia Oy, in which Merus Power has delivered an energy storage system

What do technology company Merus Power and Olympic medallist Matti Mattsson have in common? In fact, quite a lot.

In Finland, there is top expertise in sustainable development technology, and we have many great development projects that promote the utilization of renewable energy. Merus Power is strongly involved in this development. Matti Mattsson is a Finnish 200-meter breaststroke Olympic bronze medallist, whose disciplined training is aimed at the 2024 Paris Olympics. With his example, Matti has shown that even big goals can be achieved with perseverance and persistence.

The energy revolution is driven by, among other things, global climate goals and policies that aim to curb the acceleration of climate change and reduce industrial greenhouse gases. Merus Power works hard and persistently on these big issues. Its technology supports the energy revolution, where the road leads to the elimination of fossil fuels, the use of renewable energy, and moving toward a more energy-efficient future.


Clean energy and sustainable development

Merus Power supports Matti Mattson on his journey towards his goal in Paris. We wanted to tell Matti more about our products and how we can support our customers to enhance the energy revolution. Matti visited Merus Power’s energy storage facility at the energy community of Lempäälän Energia Oy.

The energy community LEMENE is an operating environment formed by companies engaged in industrial and commercial activities. These companies can produce all the energy they need on their own, and customers can share resources. For example, the energy produced more than one’s own needs, i.e., surplus, can be used flexibly among other members of the community or sold on the electricity market. In the implemented energy system, energy is produced by solar panels, gas engines, and fuel cells. The intelligent system can participate flexibly in different energy markets, and if necessary, the energy system will also be able to operate independently on the island by disconnecting from the national grid. Pretty impressive, so no wonder Matti was interested in hearing more.

LEMENE’s system is made possible by the energy storage provided by Merus Power. Customized and modular Merus™ Energy Storage System enables renewable energy storage and easy connection to the electricity grid. Energy storage can be used to ensure the electricity grid’s stability and help renewable energy customers meet the grid requirements. Energy storage provides significant cost savings but also enables new business in the frequency control market.

The establishment of an energy community such as LEMENE is of interest to many, as it enables its members to make value choices in the production and use of energy. In addition, it provides economic benefits to its members and promotes community spirit. An energy community can be formed, for example, by a housing association, or, as in the case of LEMENE, a cluster of companies, that want to produce their energy or acquire electricity together.

Finland in terms of legislation has still limits on setting up energy communities, but with the activity and enthusiasm of citizens, this will soon change.

Supporting clean energy and sustainable development is Merus Power’s goal. We want to exceed our customers ’expectations and help our customers achieve their goals and dreams. Matti Mattsson strives for his dreams, for whom clean nature and clean sports are important. What Merus and Matti have in common is uncompromising doing and respect for others. What is done is done properly.

“Clean energy and sustainable development. We share the goals.”
Matti Mattsson, Olympic Medalist in swimming