Merus™ HPQ – Hybrid Power Quality

Merus™ HPQ – Hybrid Power Quality

Merus™ HPQ combines two traditional technologies, detuned capacitor bank + active harmonic filter, in an all-in-one solution. This results in better performance than traditional capacitor banks and is more economical than a standard active harmonic filter installation.

Merus™ HPQ is the perfect solution to replace old capacitor banks with economical and reliable 21st-century technology.

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Operation principle

Merus™ HPQ is a hybrid power quality compensator. Its operation is based on two main components: a detuned capacitor bank and an active harmonic filter. In the Merus™ HPQ all-in-one solution, the Merus™ A2-series active harmonic filter operates as a power factor correction (PFC) controller for the capacitor bank and utilizes detuned capacitor steps to fulfill most capacitive reactive power needs, while the A2 module handles the intermediate steps and inductive reactive power, filters the harmonic currents and balances the unbalanced currents.

Merus™ HPQ is a unique and reliable all-in-one solution that provides:

  • Stepless and fast power factor correction
  • Harmonic current mitigation
  • Imbalance correction


Saves money and improves power quality
  • Cost reduction is achieved by upgrading compensation devices with 21st-century technology
  • Better power quality: fewer interruptions and faults
  • Better and faster power factor control: reduced electricity bills and fewer problems


No unnecessary small steps to capacitor banks
  • Dynamic parts ensure that smaller steps by the capacitor bank are not needed
  • All-in-one solution – no separate controllers required
  • Up to 41% higher effective compensation compared to traditional separate compensation systems
Extends the lifetime of equipment
  • Increased lifetime of equipment in the network, due to harmonic mitigation.
  • The capacitor bank’s lifetime increases as the voltage harmonics are mitigated
  • The solution is easy to integrate into a standard capacitor cubicle
  • Well suited to OEM cabinet builders
  • Suitable even for retrofit installations
Modern and user-friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Provides more information about system status
  • Trend recordings gives more value and understanding
  • Remote monitoring option

Operating modes

Merus™ HPQ has two different operating modes

  • The Power Factor Correction (PFC) mode is based on the traditional capacitor-application style, where the measurements are on the network side and the system can accommodate multiple loads. The switching speed for the capacitors is < 1 s and the contactor or the thyristors can be used as switches. This application mode is recommended for most users.
  • Ultra-Fast (UF) mode is mainly for the individual loads which are changing fast. In UF-mode, the capacitors are connected to the thyristors due to the required fast switching speed <20ms. Typical applications for UF mode are cranes or lifts.
Power Factor Correction (PFC) mode

Ultra Fast (UF) mode


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