Merus™ SVC Modernization Services

Merus™ SVC Modernization Services

Merus™ SVC modernization services ensures smooth operation of an ageing Static Var Compensator (SVC) while also keeping the operation services cost under control. Lifetime and return on the investment for an ageing SVC can be optimized by fully or partially replacing the active parts. Active parts of an SVC include: thyristor valves, valve-based units, cooling systems and control and protection system.

Our customers have the possibility to either choose from a wide range of standardized SVC modernization services or choose a customized solution suitable for the customer specific operational requirements. Regardless of whether the proposal is standardized or customized, we make an effort to keep the downtime to the minimum. These services are complemented with dependable 24/7 technical support and readily available spares, ensuring the smooth operation of an ageing SVC.

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World class technical know-how with FACTS solutions

Merus Power is a world class expert in different FACTS solutions, such as Static Var Compensators (SVC), Static Synchronous Compensators (STATCOM), and energy storage solutions. Our team specializes in the design, manufacture, testing and commissioning of SVCs, ranging from a few MVArs dynamic reactive power compensation solutions to large scale utility level solutions.

  • Engineering & specifications of TCR &TSC valves, control and protection systems and other FACTS components
  • Power electronics & control system design
  • System & performance studies
  • Layout design engineering
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Project management

Maximizing return on investment

Static Var Compensators are capital investments. The modernization of an ageing Static Var Compensator helps our customers to maximize ROI through a number of benefits:

  • Superior performance with access to modern technology
  • Extension of SVC system lifetime
  • Improved reliability and availability
  • Standard & customized service provision to match requirements
  • Reduced operational risk due to unplanned downtime
  • Improved management of spare parts
  • Remote monitoring

Project execution

Smooth project execution with minimum downtime

Our experienced team of competent engineers takes a consultative approach to find out the right solution for the modernization of an aging Static Var Compensator. A typical SVC modernization project starts with a site survey, where our team evaluates the current status of the SVC installation. At this stage we ascertain the long and short term operational goals of our customer.

The site survey allows us to benchmark the condition of the installed SVC against the desired or optimal SVC operational performance. The site survey leads to recommendations for the further maintenance and modernization of the SVC. Regardless of whether the proposal is standardized or customized, we make an effort to keep downtime to a minimum. This allows the optimization of investment cost and reduces lifecycle costs.

Dependable technical support and readily available spares

Effective Static Var Compensators are critical to achieving smooth operation of user facilities. Thus, high levels of reliability and availability are expected from the installed SVC systems. Merus Power, as a dependable service partner, gives you world class service both in terms of technical support and a timely delivery of spare parts. We secure smooth operation of your critical plant asset with timely feedback and easy access.

  • 24/7 Access to hotline
  • Agreement on intervention time
  • Spare parts management
  • Engineering and consulting
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote assistance and diagnostics
  • Training

Selected global references

Customers all over the world have benefited from our technical knowhow of FACTS solutions and have successfully
extended the lifetime and performance of their existing Static Var Compensators.

Merus Power has offered wide range of our services to our global customers, including site visits and condition
evaluations, full or partial replacement of active parts, and upgrading of obsolete analog based control and
protection systems to modern digital control and protection systems.

Customized to your operational requirements


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